Blessing the New Year 2017

During a Winter Solstice Ritual on December 21, each of us drew an Angel Card to bring in a guiding, inspiring quality for the coming year. We shared the quality we’d drawn by articulating it as a blessing offered both for ourselves and for each other in the circle.

What follows is a blessing composed of all of the qualities from that evening.

Blessing for the New Year

As the New Year begins and evolves, may you be blessed with the Simplicity of seeing and knowing what is real, true and important.

May you know the deep Contentment found in living your Purpose – that which creates meaning and expresses your soul.

May you be blessed by the Abundance of connections with family and friends.

May you be blessed with the right level of Risk and Adventure, so that, when led into the unknown, you feel an awareness of the Trust and Openness in your heart that cultivates deep Courage.

May the blessings of giving and receiving Kindness, of seeing and creating Beauty, be an everyday Celebration in your life.

May you know the discernment of Right Acceptance that brings true Harmony and peace.

And, may your Spirit and its loving energy continue its journey of Expansiveness, so that you may be of help to others, have a powerful impact and bring the Divine into every breath of your existence, into every encounter you have.

Blessings and Grace to us all both now and in the days ahead,


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