Blessing Ambassadors

+ Tibetan prayer wheels 11964968_sMay you be filled with loving kindness.

May you be well.

May you be peaceful and at ease.

May you be happy.

-Ancient Tibetan Buddhist Blessing

Spiritual traditions throughout time have used blessings to begin a meal, as part of a ceremony, to ease a farewell. They are often brief, concise, simple and poetic. They can be touching, delightful, and invoke a feeling of grace.

A blessing is defined as “something promoting or contributing to happiness, well-being or prosperity.” So, a blessing promotes – brings attention to, enhances. A blessing also contributes – adds to, increases. And, because there is no specification in the definition about who is on the receiving end of happiness, well-being and prosperity, we might assume that both the receiver of the blessing and the giver are benefiting.

Blessings are expressions of good wishes, of inviting all the best into the life of the person receiving them. Receiving a blessing can bring a gentle smile. There is a sweet feeling in being blessed, but there is also a rich feeling in giving a blessing.

Receiving and giving are elements of flow, of circulation. Flow is present in any dynamic, not just in blessings. Nothing is in isolation, and whenever there are two things, there is a dynamic flow to and from, back and forth, that links them. In the practice of blessing, the blesser and the blessed will both give and receive. They share the energy of blessing, of grace, a win/win situation that promotes and contributes to all the best in both lives.

In his book, “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success,” Deepak Chopra talks about flow as it applies to success and abundance. It is important to remember that success and particularly abundance are not only about finances but also about other aspects of a rich life – an abundance of ease, of meaningful relationships, of powerful encounters, of good health. This expanded understanding makes Chopra’s “Law of Giving” even more powerful:

“The universe operates through dynamic exchange…giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe.

And in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives.”

If we desire to be in dynamic flow with the Universe, we must give and receive. If we only ask and do not give, we are inhibiting flow. If we only give and do not know how to receive, the dynamic flow is again stymied.

Like abundance, giving is also not restricted to money. We can give our attention, our caring, our support, our expertise, our humor. We can also give blessings – to everyone we meet.

In a certain sense, we bless each other when we say, “Good luck!” “Have a wonderful day!” and “I wish you well!” Even these casual, quick sign-offs carry an element of bestowing good energy on each other. Perhaps we could enhance this habit by adding a little more to the sentiment. It could be done in silence, held in our hearts. We could have a standard blessing we give to everyone we meet, such as silently saying “Blessings of joy, laughter and peace.” We could tailor the blessing to the moment or person we are sending it to, offering the grace of patience to the frustrated patron in the bank line or calmness to the upset three-year old in the grocery store.

Creating a more formal blessing is not very hard. Start by asking big – there’s nothing small or stingy about the scope of a blessing! Then, phrase it as if you were bestowing or bequeathing something, as in “May you know ____” or “Blessings of ____ be yours.” Here’s one I created:

May you move through life with ease, laugh with pleasure, glow with satisfaction.

May your work be meaningful and express your passion.

May the soul of Nature connect you with the earth, sky, water, animals, sun and moon.

May you know your own Essence.

As you see and feel Spirit within and without,

may you know and share Grace with all.

Become a Blessing Ambassador! Bless all you meet and all you do. Imagine the good energy flowing in your life and circulating in the Universe.

Go forth! And, may you know blessedness as you bless! The Law of Giving guarantees that you will.

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