A New E.S.P.

+ river ESP museI’ve come up with a formula for living my life that creates a new acronym for E.S.P.: Ease, Satisfaction, Pleasure. You might have expected a formula that promised more pizzazz, such as: “Excitement, Success, Prosperity!” But, I’m having good results with Ease, Satisfaction and Pleasure and I’d like to tell you how they’re affecting my life. They’re proving to be excellent individual qualities that also dovetail nicely with each other, as you will see.

Ease seems so obviously desirable – ask anyone if they’d like to live a life of ease and they’ll probably say, “Of course!” But we don’t seem to be cultivating ease much in our society. Ease appears to go against the grain of our traditional work ethic, which tells us to work hard, strive. We are told that effort is the pathway to a good life.

I’ve come to believe that ease, rather than effort, is the key to living fully – but not exhaustingly. Ease brings effortlessness. Therefore, though I might be working hard, my hard work is not effortful. Though I might be tired at the end of a project, or the end of the day, I’m not drained, strained or depleted. Working with ease, I experience a sense of flowing downstream, rather than rowing upstream.

As I experiment with Ease. I consciously call it in. I ask the Universe to co-create it with me. When I notice that I’m dreading doing something, I ask for ease and it comes in several forms; the avoidance I’m feeling diminishes or drops away; I’m inspired by a new plan of action; I think of a person or a resource to help me; it occurs to me that I have enough time to resolve my problem or task, that I don’t need to feel so pressed or hurried. I might also realize that it is not the moment to take on a task or participate in an event (this is called “saying no” – another aspect of ease which our culture doesn’t embrace!).

The next quality of the new E.S.P. is Satisfaction. Can you recall a moment, a conversation, or an encounter in your life when you felt satisfied? Isn’t it a lovely feeling? My experience of satisfaction is one of evenness, balance. A satisfying meal is one in which I’ve really tasted and appreciated my food, enjoyed the conversation with my companions, felt relaxed and noticed the candles and the background music. And I’ve not over-eaten! (Too much is not satisfying any more than not enough is.) I’ve been present in the moment – that’s often all it takes to feel satisfied.

In a satisfying encounter with a friend, I’ve contributed and received in our interaction, there has been a good flow of energy out and in. Time and conversation might not have been split evenly, but it is a fulfilling encounter that is mutually satisfying.

Satisfaction is an interesting standard to hold. Is my work satisfying? Are my friendships? Am I satisfied with my integrity in a difficult situation? Am I satisfied in this moment, whatever I’m doing? I appreciate the neutral feeling the quality satisfaction brings. I don’t have to feel wowed or bowled over – just satisfied. Satisfaction is a pleasing sense – which brings us to Pleasure, the last element of the E.S.P. formula.

“We’re meant to be in joy at all times,” a friend told me once. “Really?” I thought. “Joy – all the time?” Joy is a very high-level emotion! Joy is exciting and thrilling – but it is also rather intense to sustain! Expecting ourselves to feel joy all the time seems like expecting that the flowers will be in full bloom every time we go to the garden. Flowers have their seasons, and life ebbs and flows. The fluctuation brings relief and contrast.

I’m not discounting the idea of joy, but I would rephrase my friend’s statement this way: “We’re meant to be in our Essence at all times.” Essence touches into joy, but also knows a range of feelings at other levels: happiness, peace, contentment. A less intense quality to try to live each day is pleasure. Pleasure is gentle, even, and quite satisfying (Satisfaction). It’s also easier (Ease) to sustain than the high vibration of joy. You see how these three E.S.P. qualities dovetail with each other!

Ease, Satisfaction, and Pleasure – the “new” E.S.P. – are ways of being. To cultivate these qualities, simply asking myself if I’m experiencing them in a given moment allows me to feel them. They were already there, in many cases – I just need to remind myself to notice them! If I realize that I’m not experiencing one or all of them, I ask myself, “Why not?” This provides the opportunity to look for an adjustment I can make to help shift some aspect, small or large, that will bring me back into alignment with myself, my Essence, with Ease, Satisfaction, and Pleasure.

This new E.S.P. offers a generous middle ground in which to live and experience our lives. It is an energy-efficient way of being that lets us conserve energy for experiences on the edges of the emotional/energetic spectrum that are more dazzling – and also more intense and challenging. Give E.S.P. a try, and let me know how it goes. I look forward to our easy, mutually satisfying, pleasant exchange on the subject!

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