A Blessing for Summer 2020

We step with enthusiasm into the new season. Spring’s intensities and challenges were so difficult…we appreciate the purification of summer’s sunshine and thunderstorms to cleanse our energy fields.

Yet, as we stand in truth, we know that challenges remain and we trust our Highest Self to bring the courage we need to carry on, to transform, to come to a higher vibrational level of being.

At the transition to the next season, our sense of expectancy primes us for…what? Perhaps our expectation to experience the best in ourselves and others risks our being disappointed. But we risk much more if we expect the worst rather than the best.

May we hold ourselves and each other with tenderness, love, compassion. May we be in our Essence integrity, may we cultivate that same energy around us.

Blessings for Summer! May we be thoughtful and playful, content and poised for change.

Bask in the light! Be the light!

Blessings and grace.

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