A Blessing for Summer 2019

In the fullness of Summer’s light, may your Enthusiasm for life know no bounds. May we allow the Inspiration of the Divine to lead us, guide us, direct us to live with love and in the Authenticity of our Essence.


Play! Dance! Sing! Walk barefoot in the grass! Bring Spontaneity and Flexibility into your day. Enjoy the whimsy of childhood.


If there is Healing to be done within your life, reach out for the Support you need. Release all that is ready to clear.


Let us send Healing light to our communities locally and globally. May the planet be blessed and transformed by our consciousness and actions.


Have a blessed summer!


This blessing was created using the Angel card qualities that were chosen by participants at last week’s Summer Solstice Ritual at the TS Center for Spiritual Studies in Arlington. Please join us for the Autumnal Equinox Ritual on Friday, September 20that 7:30 PM.A

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