Workshops and Trainings

Workshops: Spirituality in Real Life

Workshops offer the opportunity to learn new information, discover new perspectives, and to meet others with similar interests and issues. My workshops are based on the principle that our spirituality can be a part of our every-day lives, that we are meant to integrate our spirit into our being and doing in an easy, effortless, conscious way. Recent workshop topics include:

Tune Up Your Spirit: Rest, Restore, Renew

Resting…pausing…being still. These “non-activities” are seldom part of our action-filled, breathless lives. Yet we sense we’re moving too fast, skimming the surface; that we’re not in mindful connection with ourselves, our spirit.

Drawing on the hidden yet vital role that rests play in music, we learn that life’s rests and cadence create order and are vital to the structure of our existence. Pausing, taking time to reflect and regroup, helps us feel refreshed and renewed.

In this experiential workshop, we’ll explore the power of rest, combining in-depth work and discussion with quiet, contemplative time. Sound healing interludes will help us tune up our Spirit, re-calibrate our energy. We’ll return to our lives restored, in alignment and harmony.

Get Your Gratitude Going!

Gratitude is an appreciation or thanks, and its highest form is a simple appreciation of the gift of life. Being consciously grateful and appreciative on a regular basis has been shown to have positive results –- spiritually, mentally, and physically. It seems to provide the energetic basis for shift, change, and feeling better about yourself and your life.

This workshop explores what might seem like an obvious and simple practice, but which can actually be more complex and rich than we realize. We’ll discuss and learn from each other, set our intention to connect with gratitude and take steps to establish this practice in our lives.

Go for It! Why Not?

When a challenge comes up, do you ever wish you could just get over your uncertainty and answer, “Why not?”It’s time to do it – step out of your comfort zone, take a risk, find your cutting edge.

Through exploration and sound healing, you’ll shift whatever might be standing in the way of taking your next step. As the sense of risk and uncertainty around your issue feels less perilous, you’ll be ready to answer your own challenge with a resounding, Why Not? and move forward.

Centered in Your Heart: Tuning Up Your Energy Field

In your many roles in life – as a healing practitioner, counselor, helping professional, as a parent, friend, community member – you know how you want to show up – presentto each person you encounter, well-grounded, and centeredat all times. You undoubtedly recognize the importance of coming from your heart, of bringing your best self to all those you meet and all that you do.

But, maintaining such a balanced, heart-centered position is a challenge when you’re feeling compassion fatigue, physical tiredness, or mental stress. Any one of these (and sometimes we feel all of them at once!) can throw us off-center and into a tailspin.

In this workshop, you’ll have an opportunity to regroup and restore – to relax, let go of negative energy, to tune up your energy field so that you have a healthy body-mind-spirit alignment that carries you gracefully into your personal and professional life.

Workshops can also be tailored to your interests and needs. Do you want to learn more about Animal Spirit Guides? Sound healing? Using your intuition? If there is a topic that you would like to explore, please be in touch.

Trainings: Reiki and Divine Oneness Energy Modalities

By becoming trained and certified in energy work, you can support your own healing process as well as share healing energy with others. Trainings are offered periodically. Please check the events calendar to find out about upcoming training dates and locations.

Reiki Level I Training and Attunement: Reiki is an ancient Tibetan healing system that balances, harmonizes, and heals. Attunement to the first level of Reiki gives you the ability to use Reiki for yourself and others. Training includes the attunement, a demonstration and practice in hand positions, the history of Reiki, discussion of the implementation of Reiki in daily life, and information about books, resources and supervised practice.
Reiki Level II Training and Attunement: Reiki II enhances the use of Reiki with an attunement to the symbols of Reiki. This training facilitates the use of Reiki with mental/emotional issues and provides the ability to send Reiki to people and situations at a distance
Divine Oneness Energy Basic Training and Attunement: The Divine Oneness energy is a powerful chakra energy which brings one back to Essence by clearing old energy and beliefs that are creating blocked energy. The Attunement opens you to using Divine Oneness energy to work with yourself and others. Training includes history, procedure and supervised practice.