Treatments for Relationships

Clearing the Air: Energetic Healing for the Dynamics in Relationships

Treatment for relationshipsWhen two or more people are in a relationship, there is an additional energetic entity – the relationship itself. Relationships occur between spouses, partners, friends, parents and children, and with colleagues. These relationship need to be tended to keep the connections strong and vital.

“Clearing the Air” treatments bring help and healing to relationships in situations such as these:

• A wife and husband can’t let go of an argument they’ve had.

• Mother and stepdaughter experience tension whenever they’re together.

• Colleagues in an office are gossiping and back-biting.

There are times when people in a relationship feel challenged or are suffering. They feel frustrated, confused, betrayed. Even though each person might be doing his/her own work to help themselves and the situation, things might improve more quickly if the dynamic of the relationship itself were addressed.

A relationship clearing is similar to an energy healing. The energy is listened to, healed, transformed. Old, unhelpful beliefs and patterns are replaced by new, energetic paradigms of a higher vibrational order.

Clients who have experienced a relationship healing report feeling lighter, more hopeful and energized to go on working on their relationship. They often experience a sense of resolution about an issue or problem. By clearing the air, the relationship takes on new life and can grow and evolve.

Treatments can be done in person or at a distance.