Intuitive Readings & Support

readings and supportAsking for Guidance

Spirit speaks to us in many ways and through many forms. Divination tools such as cards and runes illuminate our journey with symbols and their meanings. An Asking for Guidance reading invites Spirit’s input when we have questions and situations that challenge us.

You’ll bring in Spirit’s guidance and support by selecting an Animal Spirit card, Angel card or Rune (or a combination of the three). Together we’ll explore their meaning for your life and how to apply what you’ve learned.

Asking for Guidance Rates:

  • Thirty-minute reading $60 (package of three $150, pre-paid)
  • Forty-five minute reading $80
  • One-hour reading $100


Transformative Conversations

transformative conversations

Some days…

  •  support through a challenging situation could make all the difference
  • guided insight could help shift your perspective
  • a tough moment would be lightened by some encouragement
  • you feel ungrounded and need to restore your connection with your self
  • a reminder that you are a valued part of the Universe would be a great comfort

…but it isn’t always the right moment for a full energy treatment. Distance, time, and resources sometimes prohibit you from taking care of yourself in that way, on that day.

Transform your mood, perspective and energy about any situation – work, relationships, personal growth, or whatever’s going on – through a Transformative Conversation. Experience the ease, support and power to shift by connecting with the transformative
energy you need – in the moment, wherever you are.

“My first Transformative Conversation occurred shortly before I boarded an airplane to attend a family reunion. I stepped into a quiet corner at Logan Airport and spent twenty minutes with Janet by cell phone. In this short consultation, Janet provided support, connection, and energetic guidance as only she can. I’m excited about Janet’s offering, which extends her wide range of intuitive and healing talents. Transformative Conversations will benefit those of us in need of continual support and uplift when our schedules prohibit in-person meetings. I sense more pure gold coming from Janet’s Spiral Energies!” – L.D.

Transformative Conversations Rates and Packages
In the Moment:
Experience the support, insight, perspective and energy boost that a Transformative Conversation can give you – wherever you are, at a moment’s notice. Twenty-minute conversation: $35 (appointments by availability)

Day by Day Support:
Get the regular support you need during an intense time in your life. Five twenty-minute conversations. Value: $175 Your Cost: $150 (to be used within sixty days)

Conversations Plus:
Amplify the effect of your healing treatment with periodic conversations to follow up and deepen your experience. Five twenty-minute conversations and a seventy-five minute healing treatment. Value: $300 Your Cost: $275 (to be used within sixty days)

“While a session with Janet is refreshing and meaningful, I can’t always find the time to meet with her face-to-face. Calling her for a quick “perspective check” and/or grounding conversation is a great help. Janet has such a gift to intuit where I am, and then to either celebrate and reinforce that place, or gently reposition my sometimes skewed perspective. We often have a good, healthy laugh in the process! All of this, with the convenience of a phone call, is wonderful.” – B.

Transformation Package:
Go for the complete transformative experience. Dedicate yourself to ongoing intentional transformation through six months of twenty-minute conversations and treatments. Six seventy-five minute treatments and twelve transformative conversations every other week.Value $1170 Your Cost: $999 (pre-paid; to be used over a six-month period)