Sponsor a Radio Show

When I was initially searching for the name and focus for my radio show, what emerged was Creating a Spirited Life. It captured what I believe – that we create our process through life, that our lives are meant to be spirited – spiritual, yes, but also spirited in the sense of vibrant, enjoyable, purposeful, meaningful and satisfying.

Creating such a life is a process, and we’re in that process together!

We can help each other along by recognizing and acknowledging the people, moments and events – large and small, celebratory and challenging – that make our lives spirited. Here’s a unique way to honor and support the spirited lives that you and those around you are creating.

Sponsor a Creating a Spirited Life show and:

Celebrate the birthday, anniversary, or significant accomplishment of a friend, family member – or your own!

Bring a message of support to someone going through a challenging time such as an illness or loss.

Your family and friends should be celebrated and supported (and so should you)!

  • Become a Shout Out! sponsor and publish your chosen recipient’s name and a message about them on our Spirited Life website page.
  • Or, be an On the Air! sponsor and have your recipient’s name and occasion read on a live broadcast in my new Spirited Life Moment segment.

Here are some sample Spirited Life Moments:

  • “I’m honoring my sixtieth birthday by being a sponsor for the March broadcast. One thing I’ve decided in my life is that I want to stop holding back, so bring it on! Happy Birthday to me!”   — R.M.
  • “Knowing I was being supported through my recuperation meant the world to me. I was touched to be recognized in the Spirited Life Moment.
    Thank you, Terry.”   — anonymous
  • “With the birth of my first grandchild, I want to shout from the rooftops!
    Welcome to the world, Brian!!”   — Grandma L.

Sponsorship Levels

Shout Out!

  • Be listed on the Sponsorship website page on www.spiralenergies.com and in the List of Thanks on the Spiral Energies News and Muse monthly newsletter. (If you prefer to keep a lower profile, you can request we use initials or “anonymous.”)
  • Post a note of congratulations or support for your recipient on the Spiral Energies website Creating a Spirited Life page.

Shout Out Sponsorship: May Mother’s Day Special Price: $25

On the Air! In addition to the above benefits:

  • The name of your recipient and the occasion for celebration will be announced during the Creating a Spirited Life broadcast. (If you prefer to keep a lower profile, you can request we use initials or “anonymous.”)
  • You will receive a downloadable certificate designating the recipient as a Creating a Spirited Life Honoree.
  • Continue to enjoy the tribute by downloading the podcast or listening to the archived show.

On the Air Sponsorship: $125

Perhaps you would like to join me in helping others create a spirited life. Your sponsorship will help keep the work going and bring energy to the growing community of people who are supporting each other through life’s celebratory events and challenging times.

Twenty percent of each sponsorship fee will be donated to a cause that helps our planet’s people, animals, and environment.

Thank you, and may we all create a spirited life…