Heart and Soul: Poetry in Our Lives

Poetry is a way of seeing the world that awakens our senses. It inspires and touches us by taking us into a dimension that is both spiritual and aesthetic. Poets Rene Schwiesow and Lawrence Kessenich join me to explore Heart and Soul: The Poetry of Our Lives. Together, we discover the poetic lens that opens… [Read More]

“If You Build It…” Mystery, Magic, and Manifestation: An Interview with Dwier Brown, Author and Actor in Field of Dreams

Dwier Brown played Kevin Costner’s father in Field of Dreams – a five-minute culminating scene where the mystery and magic of the cornfield baseball diamond bring about a redemptive moment for father and son. Since the release of the movie twenty-five years ago, countless people have recognized Dwier Brown and shared their personal stories of… [Read More]

Life’s Passages: The Challenge to Transform

Graduations, weddings, births…Spring traditionally brings some of life’s richest changes and rites of passage. But life also brings other changes – some of which are difficult – like the loss of a job, a health crisis, or the death of a loved one. When we stand at the threshold of any change, what do the… [Read More]

What Inspires You?

What creates inspiration? How does it affect us? Inspiration can come at any moment and have a profound effect. It influences us to change our thoughts, our behavior, our lives. Discover and discuss the role and impact of inspiration as Anne Starr and I explore “What Inspires You?”

Connecting with Self: It’s an Inside Job

How do we create our sense of self-worth and self-esteem? With so much input from outside ourselves, we can (all too easily!) lose track of who we really are, what our Divine Self brings to the planet. Consider how to cultivate the inner connection with Source and Spirit that we’re meant to know and enjoy.… [Read More]

The Tapestry of Love

Valentine’s Day inspires thoughts of love. But, there are many aspects to love beyond the traditional associations with this cultural holiday. Leah Chyten and I explore our innate need to feel and express love, how loving is a reciprocal dynamic, how it is vital to our being. Discover the many threads that create the Tapestry… [Read More]

One-Word Resolutions

Traditional New Year’s resolutions can be cumbersome and heavy-handed. Try a different process this year. Invite a single word, a meaningful quality that will guide your year to come to the surface of your consciousness. My guest Beckey Phipps and I will discuss this process as we discover our One-Word Resolutions for 2014.

Rituals and Ceremonies

Holidays, weddings, funerals, and graduations are all marked by ritual and ceremony in our culture. But, what is the significance of ritual? Do we need ceremony? Do we have enough ritual in our lives? If not, how do we create more? Join the discussion with my guest, Carolyn Romano (host of Dreamvisions7’s Living on Purpose)… [Read More]

Gratitude and Grace — Life’s Blessings

Studies show that a being aware of life’s blessings – large and small –has positive effects on our spiritual, mental and physical health. But, life is a package deal with a spectrum of feelings and experiences, some of which are easier to appreciate than others. Anne Starr and I talk about cultivating gratitude and appreciation… [Read More]

The Five W’s of Spiritual Practice: Who, What, Where, When, & Why

Who needs a spiritual practice? What kinds of practices might suit you best? Why have one at all? With my guest Beckey Phipps, a devoted Quaker teacher and retreat leader, we’ll look at these and other issues involved in having a spiritual practice. Though always “spiritual,” Beckey Phipps was surprised by a desire to turn… [Read More]