What Holds Us Back from Getting to the Essence: A Classical Pianist’s Life Lessons

April 3, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Roots & Wings
317 N. Main Street Natick MA
$15 at the door

Are you in tune with the Real You? Do you feel ready to come into your own – but sense something is holding you back?

A piano lesson in Graduate School expanded into a profound life/spiritual lesson for  workshop facilitator and sound healer Janet Kessenich.  She discovered a parallel between the Essence in music – that force that brings the music to life – and our Essence Self – the part of you that feels aligned with a higher purpose and hums with joy when you connect with it.

Essence wants to be expressed – but obstacles arise; we get in our own way. Identifying those energies, beliefs, and patterns that hold us back is the first step to releasing them.

Janet will tell the story of the profound piano lesson that has continued to inform her life and inspire others. She’ll lead us through a thoughtful process to re-connect with our own Essence and share some sound healing to help us dissolve what’s getting in the way of our living our life in full expression of our Essence.

Re-aligned and in tune with our Highest Selves, we’ll step back out into our lives with a sense of renewed meaning and purpose.

A Labyrinth Roundtable Event led by Cheryl Perrault


  1. Laurie Burke says

    I would like to attend this event. As a church music director I am often overdoing myself as I worke to bring the beauty of music to worship. My strong connection with nature also informs my life, and I seek to find my balance in what I love and know, with what I can contribute to worship. Please keep me on your email list! Thanks.

  2. Spiral Energies says

    Hi Laurie, my apologies for not seeing your comment at the time you posted it! I fully appreciate the challenges of being a church music director and how hard it can be to stay In a balanced and harmonious place professionally and personally. Please reach out again if you’d like to talk more. Blessings!

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