Solar Eclipse Meditation and Ritual

August 21, 2017 @ 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Janet's home
Watertown MA

Once-in-a-lifetime events deserve our consideration and attention.

The August 21st solar eclipse is one-of-a-kind. Its uniqueness and profundity invite

the possibility of deep thought and inspired revelation.

Let’s sit together and tune into the power and symbolism of this event.

We’ll listen to Source and ask at this auspicious time for messages (using Runes, Tarot, Angel cards, etc.) – messages for our selves, for each other, for the planet Earth.

We’ll do some ritual work with sound and vibration to connect with the solar and lunar tuning.

Please join me here in my home, where my sun porch faces the south sky and looks out on the open view over the playground across the street. We’ll meditate, walk over to the park, revel in the changes of light that our area will experience even though we’re not in the direct path of the eclipse.

Come and go as you wish; you need not stay the entire time. The maximum point is said to be at 2:46 PM. The eclipse ends fully by 3:59.

Please let me know your intention to join me…in person or in spirit!

Address in Watertown provided upon request.

Blessings & Grace, Janet

(617) 926-4155

Energy Healing Treatments: What does this eclipse mean for you?

If you’d like to personalize and enhance your energetic experience with this powerful Solar Eclipse through an energy healing treatment, please be in touch.
In-person /Phone / Skype

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