Grow Your Healing Practice from the Inside Out: A Webinar

June 21, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
$97 pre-registered
Janet Kessenich

+ stones and leaves Energetic foundation 19256226_sAre you a Healing Practitioner or getting ready to step into your vision of opening a Healing Arts Practice?

Your passion to bring healing transformation to the world led you to get training and certification in a healing arts modality, whether that be Reiki, Massage, Akashic or another Holistic Healing method. You feel aligned to your purpose as a healer and are ready to begin working with clients or want to expand your practice beyond the “hobby” phase but do you have the core business skills to support your new endeavor?

Having a solid foundation of skills will help your “hit the ground running” rather than feeling like you are floundering, when you opens the doors to your practice. But where does one learn all the behind-the-scenes “nuts and bolts” to actually being in an heart-centered, healing business?

Or perhaps you already have opened your doors but are struggling to grow your practice?

Or maybe you are feeling overwhelmed by all the moving pieces involved in running your dream of a heart-centered practice?

It can all be discouraging and perhaps make you want to give up some days, even when you are passionate about your mission to help others.

We know because we’ve been there!

That’s why we created this two-class series to support Healing Practitioners in learning the core skills to build a sustainable and thriving practice. Together, we will draw from our many years in successful practices to share our best tips and practices to help you build your tool box so you can Grow Your Healing Practice From The Inside Out.

What we will cover in the this two class series:

June 21st: Class One: The Fundamentals of Building & Maintaining a Thriving Practice

Professionalism: Ethics, Presentation, Integrity
Booking & Scheduling
Pricing & Payment Methods
Client Rapport & Care
Getting the Word Out

June 28th: Class 2: The Inner Workings That Support You As A Practitioner

Setting Healthy Boundaries
Self-care for you the practitioner
Energetic Hygiene: Cleansing, Grounding & Clearing
Spirit Alignment: Conscious Connection
Peer Review Process: The Role Of Confidential Support From Colleagues & Mentors
Your Personal Growth & Ongoing Development: Why It Matters
Plus you will get a class workbook full of helpful tips, check-lists and resources. We will also include our recommended “must have” client forms that you can adapt to your practice by just putting in your business information.

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