Divine Oneness Healing Energy Introduction & Demonstration

March 8, 2016 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Center at Westwoods
590 Gay St
Westwood, MA 02090
Janet Kessenich

+ Pink Rose LuMarian 15686029_sDivine Oneness Energy is a healing modality that clears and transforms through deep cleansing at the cellular level in the chakras and energy field. Combining elements of the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine, Oneness energy clears and transforms the life patterns and belief structures that get in the way of our being at our best.

Discover this modality’s powerful capacity in this experiential demonstration.

Add this modality to your healing practice! A training and attunement in the Divine Oneness energy will be available Saturday, April 2nd at the Center at Westwoods.

For more information contact Janet at 617-926-4155 or janet@spiralenergies.com

Janet Kessenich M.M. (www.spiralenergies.com) is an energy healer, teacher, spiritual/psychological intuitive, seminar leader, author and musician. She has a monthly blog, a radio show, Creating a Spirited Life and has just published her first book, Music Lessons for the Spirit. Janet lives and works in the Boston area.

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