Creating a Spirited Life Radio Show: What Is It About Putting On a Cape?

April 19, 2015 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
1510 AM WMEX Boston Radio

+ Superhero Girl Radio Ap 15 19864798_sWith Janet Kessenich and Laura Kessenich, Superhero Buff

From Superman to Wonder Woman to the Powerpuff Girls, there’s something thrilling about Superheroes that captures our imagination. Cuff the bad guy, save the little old lady, leap over tall buildings, move through time portals…Who among us doesn’t have a secret desire to discover our own hidden talent or skill that, given the right magical enhancement, could “Save the world before bedtime,” as the Powerpuff Girls’ slogan says.


This might sound simply playful, but the Superhero is an archetype in our culture that influences and inspires us in significant ways. There are even real-life situations where Superhero energy is helping kids in hospitals cope with challenges.


My daughter and Superhero buff Laura Kessenich and I will explore What Is It About Putting on a Cape? Spirituality and the Superhero Archetype this month on Creating a Spirited Life.


Put on your cape and join us on Sunday, April 19th at 8 PM.

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