Radio Show: Creating a Spirited Life

radio antennaOn Creating A Spirited Life, host Janet Kessenich explores the experiences and encounters of our everyday lives that help, inspire, and enlighten us. Spirited lives are full of purpose, meaning, and connection. Through conversations with guests and listeners, Creating A Spirited Life offers ideas, perspectives, and, at times, humor, to guide you toward the life you’re meant to live.

Enjoy this archive of Creating a Spirited Life Radio Shows

The Transformational Power of Wisdom

What is wisdom? How does it guide and inspire your life? How do you discern what speaks deeply to you?   Wisdom teaches, inspires, and elevates. It informs our lives and transforms our attitudes and actions. We all have stories and quotations that have provided us with transformational wisdom. We’d like to hear your stories! Let’s… [Read More]

What Is It About Putting on a Cape? Spirituality and the Superhero Archetype

From Superman to Wonder Woman to the Powerpuff Girls, there’s something thrilling about Superheroes that captures our imagination. Cuff the bad guy, save the little old lady, leap over tall buildings, move through time portals…Who among us doesn’t have a secret desire to discover our own hidden talent or skill that, given the right magical… [Read More]

Presence: The Heart of Being

We know it when we feel it – we’re focused, engaged, connected to our whole, integrated Self. We’re present, fully aware and conscious. As we bring this quality out into the world, we create a presence in each encounter we have in our personal and professional lives that inspires others to be more present to… [Read More]

The Consumer Has a Soul: The Whole Person in the Marketplace

With Tracy Carlson, Marketing Strategist and Author of What Great Brands Know: Unleash Your Right-Brain Genius to Stand Out and Make Customers Care. When you shop, do you ever feel like you have to leave your soul at the door? The consumer in our culture is traditionally viewed by marketers as a statistic and a… [Read More]

The Bully or the Buddha: What Is the Essence of Power?

The bully on the playground or the boss who criticizes us in front of our peers wields a certain energy that is off-putting and leaves us feeling powerless. Yet, we sense we’re meant to lead powerful lives. How do we resolve the inner conflict that keeps us from our true power? Psychotherapist and workshop leader Claire… [Read More]

Keep It Flowing: The Blessing of Giving and Receiving

Giving and receiving gifts is a traditional holiday practice, but the dynamic of giving and receiving encompasses a larger scope than this. Deepak Chopra tells us, “The universe operates through dynamic exchange… giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe.” Right energetic flow keeps vitality and richness circulating in… [Read More]

Compassionate Curiosity: The Pathway to Peace and Well-Being

Author and spiritual teacher Mary O’Malley has developed a pathway to bring us into the fullness of being joyfully alive. Her book, What’s In the Way IS the Way explores this path and encourages us to use compassionate curiosity to bring insight and guidance to our healing of whatever it is that is getting in our way.… [Read More]

We Are Spirit in Human Form

Have you experienced deja-vu or a sense that you’ve lived another lifetime before this one? Perhaps you have the feeling that everything around you –including yourself – has a spiritual dimension? To some degree, most of us sense the spiritual aspect of our body, mind, spirit paradigm and many of us are deeply exploring it.… [Read More]

Worry, Be Gone!

Worry, worry, worry! We know it’s an unproductive energy, yet it creeps up on us and sticks around, zapping our energy and not contributing anything positive. My guest, Claire Boskin, and I will explore the energy of worrying and how to shift this mental/energetic cycle of thought. Claire Boskin is a psychotherapist in the Boston… [Read More]

Small Shifts Create Powerful Possibilities

It might be the adjustment of an attitude, a change in perception, the matching vibration of a feeling and a word…small shifts can open up new possibilities. Explore ways to create transformative change in your life, one thought at a time. Joining the conversation is my guest, Anne Starr.