Winter Solstice Blessing 2021

Northern lights, beautiful landscape of a green light in the night starry sky, amazing natural beauty of Lofoten archipelago, Gimsoya, Norway
[This blessing was created from the Angel Card qualities (italicized) that were selected for each participant in the recent Winter Solstice Ritual.]

It has begun! Light’s journey expanding into longer daylight is underway! 

Our own expansiveness is expressing itself as well – bringing to our intentions the vision and wisdom of Spirit that illuminates our Highest purpose

Ah, the discernment needed as we step into the adventure of a new season, a new year! Where does our willingness lie? Where are we asked to go? 

What brings peacecontentment? What inspires our creativity

We acknowledge that not all is in harmony in ourselves, our lives, our world. The hardships and challenges require patience and trust as we educate ourselves and build our resilience

May love be the most resilient of all energies! May kindness permeate our interactions. May the depth of communication and our connection with the Divine surpass our highest hopes and yearnings. 

Through it all, may we relax into the grace of simplicity, knowing that we are all One, we are all – at our Essence – Divine Love. 

Blessings for the Winter and for the New Year 2022!


  1. Beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for creating and sharing this wonderful blessing. I love the image you chose to go with it, too.

    • Spiral Energies says

      Thank you for your comment, Laura! The angel card qualities are such a special part of each ritual. I really love creating a blessing from them.

  2. Thank you, Janet! As this angelic and divine essence blessing travels the net, may its loving message spread goodness and health for all sentient beings and all of Nature!

  3. claire boskin says

    very full and
    as i read the responses , janet, these”words” came
    of the ONE

    and about you —GIFTED!!!
    with love

  4. Kathy Kessenich says

    A beautiful blessing for the new year, Janet.
    Thank you

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