Oh, blessed Spring! A Blessing for the Season

Oh, blessed Spring! We dance with delight as the days lengthen, as the sun warms us, as the breeze gently sings to us. We trust in the purpose of our Essence’s contentment and settle into the harmony of being in balance with work and play, effort and efficiency, action and contemplation. Oh, blessed Spring! A… [Read More]

A Blessing for the New Season, the New Year

This blessing is created from the Angel Card qualities (italicized) chosen for the participants in the Winter Solstice Ritual and Sound Healing. Please take this blessing for yourself and share it freely with all who might benefit from it. Welcome, Yule! Welcome, Winter! Welcome, New Year! We have crossed the new season’s threshold – released… [Read More]

On the Cusp…Three Ways to Step into the New Season Mindfully

As the Winter Solstice approaches, we anticipate her arrival, bringing our consciousness to the shift and change of the season. Through various practices, we honor and celebrate Nature’s beauty and gifts – the fiery setting of the sun, the white landscape of newly fallen snow, the crisp wind on our cheeks, the solid earth under… [Read More]

Thankfulness & Gratitude

Attitude of gratitude may be an over-used phrase, but it’s such a catchy one that it bears repeating. When we cultivate an attitude, we ultimately develop a practice, and practicing gratitude and thankfulness has been shown to improve the quality of our health and sense of well-being. It’s well worth the effort! Thanksgiving’s focus on… [Read More]

Autumnal Equinox Blessing 2020

We are through the portal…Summer is behind us and Fall is at our feet. May we step with consciousness and understanding into this new season, aware that our enthusiasm will wax and wane, as the moon does through her cycles. Given the challenges of our planet, our country, our own neighborhoods, we ask for patience… [Read More]

Spiral Energies Re-Opens for In-Person Treatments!

As of September 1, 2020, I am re-opening my healing practice for in-person treatments. Phone/Zoom sessions will continue to be available as well and may be recommended and preferrable in some situations. While treatments will remain essentially the same as before the pandemic, some of the protocols surrounding your session will be a little different.… [Read More]

Wait. Don’t Wait.

A while back, I had a strong feeling that the spirit of my mother (who died nearly twenty years ago) wanted to give me a message. Sitting quietly, I connected with her. I barely got my question asked, “Mom, is there something you want to tell me?” before I heard: “Don’t wait to enjoy your… [Read More]

A Blessing for Summer 2020

We step with enthusiasm into the new season. Spring’s intensities and challenges were so difficult…we appreciate the purification of summer’s sunshine and thunderstorms to cleanse our energy fields. Yet, as we stand in truth, we know that challenges remain and we trust our Highest Self to bring the courage we need to carry on, to transform,… [Read More]

How Are You Doing?

Today’s world is challenging and inspiring us – all at the same time. My emotions and energy have run the gamut from fear to courage, shakiness to steadiness, vagueness to engagement. How are you doing? Ask yourself that question now. Where is your energy? Where are your emotions? Where do you feel them in your… [Read More]

Spring Equinox Blessing 2020

Dear friends, my thanks to the 30 people who joined me last week for our virtual Equinox Ritual. What follows is the blessing I’ve created using the Angel Card qualities we drew during that Ritual: Presence, Respect, Release, Peace, Light, Tenderness, Vision, and Wisdom. Additionally, I have incorporated several more qualities to enrich this blessing.… [Read More]